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Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend 2018

Under Construction!!!  

Trip Notes:

A fun time was had by all on this, our 18th consecutive trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  For us, the ESCW trip always begins with the 10 day weather forecast.  Things were looking bleak for most of the 10 day countdown this year.  As we set off for Arkansas Thursday morning it was cold, damp and dreary in Wichita.  We were forced to take the northern most route of the 3 that we have available to us to bypass the lingering rain that we had here the night before.  As we got through Missouri and started to cross in to Arkansas the craziest thing happened.  The temperature shot up 20 degrees as we crossed the border and the skies began to clear!  The weather held off for most of the entire weekend (save for a shower mid-Saturday), and basically proved that long range weather forecasts are for the birds.  I was still pretty certain that it was going to rain most of the day Saturday, so we did things a little differently this year.

  Usually we hang around downtown Friday to beat the Saturday rush in the shopping district.  It was a consensus in our group this year that we wanted to drive the cars more on the fun roads, so we figured it would be better to take Friday to go exploring while the weather was almost perfect.  We also had a new couple with us this year that had never experienced the ESCW, so we wanted to get them out and show them some of the sites.  We started out Friday morning with the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park, Beaver Bridge, the Railway Winery, and then a late lunch at the Crescent.  If you have never seen the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park I would highly recommend it.  It is gorgeous up there, and it is a fabulous trip driving on those roads if you are in America's sports car.

Since we spent so much time driving around this year I did not take as many pictures as I normally do.  It was actually a little refreshing to take a little break from all of this, but I will show you some of the ones I did take.  We were actually quite shocked at what seemed like a really low turn out for the car show.  I do not know if the threat of weather kept a lot of people away, or just what the deal was.  It is my considered opinion that the ESCW crew really should think about changing some of this weekend up just a bit.  It feels like it has been on a steady decline for the last several years.  No worries here though as we will keep coming back as we are able.  Eureka Springs is our "happy place", and we would make the trip even if there was no Corvette Weekend.  'Till next year!  BWO

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Date last modified:  10/25/2018




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