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Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend 2017

Trip Notes:

A fun time was had by all on this, our 17th consecutive trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  The 27th Corvette Weekend was pretty smooth...we did have to drive down through the rain on Thursday, and also endured some weather Saturday morning for the car show.  The temperatures were fantastic, so all in all we are not going to complain about the weather this year.  Also, all of our group's cars made it down and back this year with no major problems.  We were only "threatened" to have the police called on us one night, so at this point we are going to called the 2017 ESCW a total success!  We made several new friends this year, and as such will we looking forward to making down next year for the 18th time.  I hope everyone has a great year!


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Date last modified:  10/20/2017




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