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Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend 2016


Trip Notes:

For the first time in several years we were not rained on the entire weekend.  That being said we did have to start a little later in the morning and take the southern route through Tulsa to miss the heavy thunderstorms in southeastern Kansas on Thursday morning.  The southern route was nice for a change, and Oklahoma has actually done a pretty good job of getting the highways refinished.  It wasn't as bone jarring as the last time we went that way...but it is a longer trip.  All in all the weather was fabulous for 2016!

  Just a note on this web site... This whole thing started out as a hobby that grew through the course of 15 years.  This web site was literally running on a 20 year old, dual Pentium 3 IBM server that was purchased at an auction.  It was running a RAID 1 mirror for a hard drive set up, and I have had to replace several hard drives throughout the years.  What I have never had happen is to have both drives go out at the same time.  All of the content was backed up, but setting it back up from scratch has presented it's own set of challenges.  I will get it all back - it will just take some time.  Thanks for your patience, and I hope to see you all next year!

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