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Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend 2012

---> No Corvette related police calls in 2012 <---

Trip Notes:
 One word would sum up the 2012 ESCW, and that of course would be “weather”. Coming in to the weekend we knew that we were going to be on a short leash as it was anyway, as we had to head back to Kansas for a wedding on Saturday evening. Our mantra for the trip this year was, “Two days in Eureka Springs are better than none at all”. We left about an hour earlier than normal with the knowledge that Thursday was going to be the best day weather wise. The first thing we noticed was that we did not see a single Corvette on the highway until we were in to the Eureka Springs city limits (this does not include the C5 driven by Helen Keller that we followed in to town on H-62). Driving through town we were surprised to see that last year’s 21st annual ESCW banner was hanging up over the street. What was up with that? Here is a fix for you....


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