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Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend 2011

Sat. 10/8 - 7:39 a.m. -- A caller reported that two males were revving their parked Corvettes early in the morning, and one of the subjects, with beer in hand, was belligerent toward her when she asked them to keep it down. Officers were told to watch for excessive noise violations.   9:35 a.m. -- A gentleman was selling merchandise out of his SUV at the Corvette show, and he did not have a permit. After speaking with an officer, he agreed to stop.  2:35 p.m. -- One officer noticed a group near a local establishment was getting rowdy, revving motors and spinning tires. Other officers patrolling the area checked for noise and traffic violations.  5:55 p.m. -- Even after repeated requests to stop, Corvette owners continued to rev their motors. The responding officer told the complainant to call back if it happened again. 7:12 p.m. -- A Corvette and a motorcycle got closely acquainted in a parking lot. 8:13 p.m. -- A Corvette and a sign pole tangled. Report taken.

Trip Notes:

We had a very different journey to the Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend this year.  Shortly after our return home last year, one of our regular trip participants unexpectedly passed away before his time.  He was an absolutely great guy and will be terribly missed.  He always looked forward to this weekend, and was so proud last year after obtaining his dream car - a C5 Z06.  His wife and mother decided to proceed on this year and drove his car down with us for the weekend.  We were so glad that they did.  We had a great time reliving all of our old war stories.  Losing a loved one is devastating, but we have all been left with a special gift - our memories. They are often the only things we have left after that special person is gone. Though at times they may be painful to think about, with them, our loved ones remain a part of us forever.  We really do miss you John!

P.S.  She also did a great job of handling the car - it is quite the beast.  Running a Vette Doctors 500hp Rx: Long tube headers, X-pipe, Borla Touring Exhaust, CNC ported heads, Vette Doctors custom ground cam, Breathless intake, B&M Ripper shifter, cross drilled rotors, iForged Aeros...that was no small task!

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