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   For whatever reason I have been infatuated with automobiles since I was a very young child. If it had four wheels and an engine I wanted to drive it!  From the early days of riding in my grandparent's Buicks and Pontiacs, to the love of Chevrolet passed down to me from my parents...I have been a GM guy from day one.  The first new car I was around for was my parent's 1964 Impala 327 SS...I loved that car.

   So by my reasoning if you love Chevrolet it is only natural to lust after Corvettes.  From my first ride in a Corvette in 1978 I knew that it was the car for me.  We were able to find a very lightly used 1982 Corvette in Joplin, Missouri in 2001 that we purchased to be our "fun" car.  In a strange coincidence that year we also celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in the lovely town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Soon after we learned of the Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend, and have been attending every year since 2002.

   Photography is another passion of mine that probably started with my first camera in high school.  With the advent of digital cameras it has also been a way to document life events that I can use to remember people, places, and things.  What you see on these pages are the results of my hobby that shows my favorite cars in my favorite town...I hope you enjoy them.




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